Saturday, 6 April 2013

Do you want it bad enough?

It's been such a crazy week at work, which is great for business, but terrible when you're trying to stick to a scheduled lifestyle change. It's so easy to run out and get junk when you're in a rush than to take the time to eat healthy. But... Thankfully the weekend is here and I can concentrate a little more on this diet.  

All in all, I don't think I did too poorly this week.  When I did have to eat out, I made sure it was either Subway or Healthy Choice Sandwich bar.  I did cheat just a little with a couple of chocolate Easter bunnies and a slice of strawberry shortcake though but I justified that with a couple trips to the gym and a few at home work-outs throughout the week.  

I'm wondering if anyone can share some good motivational tips?  Good workout songs that get you going? Or any little tips that help you make better choices towards a healthy lifestyle? 


Weight: 177.8
Step Forward: Scale is still moving downward, slowly but surely!
Step Back: It's been a busy week! Cheated on the diet a couple of times.  But much better decisions than usual! 


  1. There are tins of ways to stay motivated. Here are my favorites.
    1) reading blogs of those who have been losing weight or have lost it and are in maintenance
    2) Pinterest - there are tons of inspirational quotes, exercise routines and lungs to workout music
    3) get a friend who will keep you accountable with your gym workouts
    4) go to the grocery store with a list, a menu plan in mind and a limited budget so you stick to your list
    5) pack your lunch the night before
    6) count your calories and write them in your log/input into your app (I use LoseIt!) At the beginning of the day, you'll be less likely to stray
    7) have a treat to look forward to...then the snacks through the day won't seem as appealing

  2. Those are some great tips Taryn! Thank you!!!!