Thursday, 28 March 2013

You'll Say We've Got Nothing In Common; No Common Ground To Start From...

Well, I can assure you, you're probably wrong.  We're probably a lot alike, whether or not you're on your own weight-loss journey. I'm a twenty-something, single, small town girl who just moved to a big city to find the perfect job, the perfect life and hopefully the perfect man.

Thankfully my other goal, is a little more realistic. 50 pounds in 365 days. Thats under 4.17 pounds a month. Which... seems a hell of a lot more attainable than a good man. ;)

So, for the next year, I plan on recording everything right here. Dating. Food. Recipes. Workouts. The good days and the bad. So, for those of you who have already succeeded on this journey, I'd love to hear your tips and suggestions.  And for any of you who are on the same page as I am right now, I'd love for you to join me.

Weight: 180
Step Forward: Joined the gym today.
Step Back: Chinese Take-Out for supper.  (Hey! Shut-it! It's only day one!)
Exercise: Walked; 45 Minutes.


  1. welcome to the bloggy world!!

  2. Welcome and I look forward to following your journey! You will find a ton of support here. It's a great place to start! I think it's great that you have a very realistic goal and I'll be cheering you on!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, you are certainly not alone on your quest for a slimmer waist! Keep on going! Xxx

  4. Hi Madison!
    We are going through identical journeys! I started my weightloss journey in January with a goal of going from 187lbs to 135lbs! I started my blog in February and am documenting my journey as well. Would love to connect with you!

  5. Hi Madison, I look forward to following your journey and supporting you when you need somebody who has been through it this journey :)

  6. Thanks Tanvee! I can always use the support!

  7. I am going to be right here with you.. I have a lot to loose and I am wondering when I am going to loose it all the time in the back of my head. Even when I am working out I am still worried about the weight drop. I am here on this journey with you.. I am 250 and a lot of people say They don't see it but yeah I hide it very well!

  8. Thanks April. I love hearing that we're in this together, lol. And you're lucky that you carry it well!! I'm 180, but only 5'2'' and I don't carry it well at all! I've always been so jealous of my friends who weigh more on the scale, but look SO thin. Lucky you! :)

  9. Hi there! Found you through a comment you put on Living a Changed Life. You have the greatest sounding motivation right now....It's April are you doing?? I hope good!! Would love to keep reading about your journey.